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Our Products

Right Credit

RIGHTCREDIT is an AI product to assist financial institutions in making right credit decisions and predict future bad debts post disbursal.

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Right Insure

RIGHTINSURE is an AI based product to detect agent retention and fraudulent claims.

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Right Decision

RIGHTDECISION is a framework which enables rapid model development. Models can be developed in a matter of days rather than months thus improving time to market.

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Right Extract

Reviewing a legal document or decrypting one is a tough task. It involves immense manual efforts and makes it extremely time consuming. 

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Right Record

RIGHTRECORD is an application that helps organizations to merge their data bases seamlessly without duplication.

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Right Mask

Protecting customer information is of paramount importance for financial institutions.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We have a pool of highly skilled and trained data scientists who use mathematical and statistical modelling techniques along with data mining processes to enable our customers to unearth valuable insights from their data.

We use data mining and predictive analytical methods (e.g. Affinity Analysis, Classification, Regression, and Artificial Neural Network) to build analytical models for each outcome. Once a model is validated and tested we focus on deriving insights and the use of appropriate data visualisation techniques to present the results to the business stakeholder.





“Indeed the right steps are taken by the Right Steps Consulting Pvt. Ltd. to demystify the miseries of the future through strong predictive analytics on big data architecture. Professionals working with this Organisation are not only thoroughly professional but it is a good team working together cohesively to evolve solutions. Indian Statistical Institute would continue supporting you to pursue the search for excellence through RIGHT STEPS.”




“It was a pleasure working with Right Steps consulting. ComplyScore engaged with Right Steps to develop NLP and Machine learning based functionality to enhance its policy management solution as well as its incident management solution. In developing the term extraction functionality for contracts, RightSteps helped us finalize the NLP approach, whetted various algorithms and approaches and developed a comprehensive and robust architecture. Their teams grasp of the NLP techniques, experience across various libraries and techniques was evident from the speed and accuracy with which they developed the solution. In addition to their technology prowess, Rightsteps also bring in a fresh partnership approach to executing the engagements. Righsteps took on the project with minimal guidance yet executed it rapidly. Based on the success of the NLP based enhancements, ComplyScore further partnered with Righsteps to develop a machine learning based solution to manage IT infrastructure. The experience with this project was consistent with the previous experience. Overall, I would recommend RightSteps for any company seeking assistance in data analytics and data driven intelligent solutions.”

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